6 tips to clean a Mixing Console

We all know without any doubt that mixing consoles will attract dirt. The internal circuits, especially the moving components rely on good electrical contact for its efficient working. The dirt can have adverse effect in getting good output from a mixer. As a Sound Engineer, it is important to keep the mixer free from dust to get the best output.

Dust, smoke and fingermarks are the known killers when we come the mixing consoles. The major parts that get badly affected by dirt. Here are some useful tips to clean a mixer effectively.

  1. Using small, less powerful vacuum cleaners with a very small nozzle is good to suck out the dirt from the gaps of console.
  2. It is advised to make it a habit to clean the console everyday after use to prevent it from dust and fingermarks.
  3. A 25mm painting brush will come handy in cleaning the dust in the gap of rotary controls.
  4. While dusting the console with a brush, try not to brush the dust into the components but away from them, particularly the faders.
  5. To remove the fingermarks, use Isopropyl (or a glass cleaner).
  6. Don’t spray the cleaning solution directly to the console. Use cotton or soft clothes to clean the fingermarks.

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