5 Tips on how to do Soundcheck in front of audience?

Howdy SEA Fans, welcome to another tiptuesday blog post herein we share information that the sound engineers and music enthusiasts will find it useful on a weekly basis.

Last week we discussed tips on Rehearsal Room Recording and thanks for those who have responded to the blog post.

Today we are talking about one of the common problem faced by bands, on doing the sound check which is quite inevitable for a band’s good performance that too in front of the audience.

Doing sound check in front of the audience can make the musicians/band members a bit frustrated as they are concerned about how the audience will react in case of any flaws during the process.

For many bands, the reasons that lead to a collision of soundcheck and admission time and yet they occur again and again. It is too late, because someone from the band has worn out, was invited very late, equipment had to be borrowed spontaneously or because you have been too long at restaurants.

The search for a parking space in the capital also takes longer and longer than the actual drive there. In the very rare cases, the impossible happens and everything goes smoothly; nothing comes in between. Then you can still be too late at the venue, because it was simply too late.

It may as well happen that there are delays on the spot. The person who lets you in gets mixed up and has to work through other important issues related to the concert. Occasionally it happens that the person present has been working there recently and has not read your tech rider nor knows what the timeframe is.

Communicate on equal terms and offer your help. You all want to experience a successful concert evening. If you make the booking yourself, always ask, from when someone can be on site at the earliest. Often the get-in and soundcheck time can be pushed forward.

So when the timetable becomes independent again and the first people come in and you are in the middle of the soundcheck, the situation changes immediately: you feel watched and awkward.

How can you deal with the situation in a sovereign and cool way?

5 tips & tricks which you can follow

1. Show strength: As a band form a unit and stay.
Be loyal to your band members!
So do not blame anyone for the collision of soundcheck and inlet. Outwardly there is only collective guilt. Remains professional and confident, radiates calm and serenity.

2. Accelerate soundcheck
For the soundcheck, the principle applies: as short as possible, as long as necessary. Clear and direct communication within the band and with the sound engineer is essential.

Make agreements and prioritize:

  • Which signal is essential for a good band sound and still needs to be checked?
  • How delicate and differentiated must a monitor sound be in terms of venue and stage size?
  • Which instruments can be heard well enough on stage … etc.

It is important to learn in such a situation, to take back their own needs and desires and to decide together how to use the remaining time efficiently – without long discussions. Decision-making musicians have a clear advantage here. Being able to compromise and compromise is a sign of professionalism and social competence. If another band has to check the sound after you, this aspect is even more important.

3. Stay sovereign
Dont be pressured – neither by the audience or the sound engineer nor by the band members. Do not feel attacked, but drive briskly and concentrated away and hide the audience. This does not only apply to your own soundcheck, but also to the other – nobody should be distracted. The background noise level is already loud enough with the audience present. A polite and respectful tone is immensely important, especially in stressful situations.

4. Self-irony
Do not take yourself so seriously: Deal wittily and wittily with the situation, this relaxes the mood and you can counter your inner tension.

“Welcome to the soundcheck, walk in. Make yourself comfortable, we are the band XY, you are live.” Here is a sure instinct needed.

* Do not say anything that does not suit you.
* Do not hide or hide behind a language that you do not speak.
* The right amount is crucial.
* Over time, one develops a feeling for the particular situations that arrive unplanned and unpredictable.        * Trust in your senses and etiquette.

Sometimes a casual saying helps to avoid being too hasty or nervous.

5. Self-control
Very important is not to lose your nerves or let out the inner pessimist. Sticking your head in the sand does not improve the view. So keep a positive and confident attitude and put doubts and concerns aside. Do not worry about something that you cannot change anyway. Anything that someone in the band says or does falls back on the whole band.

Be aware of your responsibility and keep a cool head.

Have you ever experienced any bizarre soundcheck situations in public?
Have you developed any further tips and tricks to stay competent and cool?
Do share with us in the comment box below.

Looking forward to hear your experiences.

Happy Sound Engineering


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