5 Tips for Stunning Sound Design.

Howdy SEA Fans welcome to another tiptuesday blog post.

Did you know that one of the least discussed sound engineering topic in this blog is Sound Designing and much has been talked about live sound engineering and music production and it feels great to know that Sound Engineers have found those previously shared tips quite helpful.

Last week we had talked about working with VST Plugins and it was one of the most read articles on this blog and today we are talking about tips related to Sound Designing.

As you all know sound designing is a vast topic in the field of Audio Engineering yet demands professional and skilled hands to perform the job.

Another interesting fact is that talented and creative Sound Designers are heavily paid in Movie Industry and are enjoying a high life.

Sound Engineer is expected to be a creative person and we at Sound Engineering academy tries to motivate our students to evolve and broaden their horizons because that could provide them with new opportunities and makes it possible for them to lead their way to the best jobs in the field of Sound Engineering like Sound Designing.

Understanding the importance of Sound Designing in the career of a Sound Engineer, every year, the academy organizes expert sessions with Professional Sound Designers like Tapas Nayak for the students of Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording. 

Back to the topic of tips related to Sound Designing, as a Sound Engineer you must be well aware that the sound levels of films are truly multi-layered.

There are set recordings, overdubs, accompaniment commentary, sounds, sound effects, film music and an additional soundtrack and while working as a Sound Designer a good number of departments are interested in your work (director, composer, etc.).

The first step and quite important one is to establish cooperation with the recording supervisors, the director and the editors, and then pass on the important points.

Here are the 5 Tips for having a better Sound Design for your movie.

1. Record your effects at the best possible sample rate. There’s nothing more important than having your own bespoke material to get a customized soundtrack.

2. Stay open at work, because things will continue to evolve beyond your control and you will have to adapt.

3. Treat your colleagues with respect and encourage them to make the production their own. There is more creativity through cooperation and respect than through narrow-minded egoism.

4. Spend time setting up a session template. This provides a structured team workflow and allows for a common understanding to develop the mix should look final.

5. Have fun at work, try to be original, but always put the story first, before adding anything. Our job is to help the filmmakers tell their story and not distract them with the wrong sounds or levels.

Hope you found the above mentioned tips useful for having a better sound design for your movies.

Do share your thoughts as comments on the topic which is being discussed above.

Happy Sound Engineering


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