5 Tips for Setting Up a SoundBar in your home for Optimum Experience

Howdy SEA Fans welcome to another blog post of TipTuesday, a weekly blog post in which we share tips related to sound engineering and information about latest technological advancements in the audio industry which will be helpful to sound engineers as well as for the common man.

Before discussing about today topic, we would like to share details about a poll question which we recently asked in our social media channels in which we have invited comments from the fans about the best Sound Bars available in the market today.

What astonished us was that the response from our followers was relatively less when compared to previously asked questions.

But when questions were asked about headphone, speakers and microhones the response was huge and fans commented their favorite ones with features of the products they use or love.

What has been revealed was that eventhough the many years has passed by after the introduction of soundbars into the market, still people are not fully aware of the technology.

This week on tiptuesday we are going to share tips related to sound bars which will help to people get to know more about those who are opting for enriching their home audio experience.

With the technological advancements in the digital audio, traditional companies in the field of audio as well as technology giants are coming up with innovative audio products clubbed with features which we never thought of .

Soundbar is relatively a new product in the market and music lovers and home theater enthusiasts have started opting for the product.

Why people are buying soundbars for their home is, it is quite compact and good quality sound bars offers audio performance that matches with the audio quality of a home theatre system moreover it is cost effective.

Now a days branded sound bars which is priced below INR 10,000 comes with Power Output – 140 Watts, Wireless Subwoofer Connectivity, Bluetooth Support (A2DP), MP3 player and connectivity options to PC,TV, CD, DVD, and all multimedia stuff.

Here are the five tips on placement and setting of soundbars for optimum TV sound in the living room.

Tip 1: Mount it Firmly

Soundbars are currently high in the course and so there is also more and more accessories for the small sound bars. In the case of hanging TVs, where TV stands are no longer available, it is also a good idea to mount the sound bar on the wall. Many manufacturers – including Harman / Kardon, Denon, Sony, Samsung and Focal – deliver a matching wall mount to the soundbar. It is especially worthwhile to install on the wall in the case of items with a high level of support.

Tip 2: Synchronize Image and Sound

HDMI cable with the TV, should not have problems with the image-sound synchronization, since this is usually adjusted automatically here. If there is a delay or a different connection between TV and Soundbar, the sound in the settings can be improved. This is usually done under Lip Sync. Here the sound bars should play between 10 and 30 milliseconds during a message transmission, until the picture and sound are synchronous.

Tip 3: Virtual Surround Sound

Soundbars can produce their optimum sound, reflections in the room are indispensable. The virtual surround sound is produced by soundbars only through targeted reflections of the sound in the room. Therefore, it is important that it can move freely in the room and not be disturbed in a fundamental way. Objects that intercept sound waves directly should not stand in the way.

Tip 4: Right Setup

Even after making the decision for the appropriate soundbar, there is still a lot to consider, especially when installing the compact speaker: First of all, it is important that the sound beam is placed in the middle of the TV set. If the sound bar is laterally offset, especially dialogues sound unnatural.

If the soundbar has an external sub-woofer (in some models it is also integrated), it should also be positioned as close to the central loudspeaker as possible. The further the sub-woofer is from the center, the more unnatural and uneven it becomes. The reason for this is that most woofers output frequencies of over 100 hertz and thus the sound can be localized. At least as important is the height at which the soundbar is placed so that it radiates in the seating position. Under no circumstances should the new acquisition be grounded.

Tip 5: Play with the settings

Many soundbars have different modes for film, music, news, etc. Therefore it is worth to navigate through the menus and to test the individual modes after the purchase. In the news mode, for example, voices are amplified.

Hope the tips discussed above will be helpful for those who are planning to buy a SoundBar for their home.

Dont forget to share your opinion about the article as a comment below.

Happy Sound Engineering

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