3 Days Product Training by Harman in the Academy

Shedding light into the range of HARMAN products the 3 days session in the academy has ended with keynote speech by our CEO and with distribution of Harman tool kits to students.

First of all, expressing deep gratitude to the officials from HARMAN for handling a session for our students.

Day 1

First day session, which started a bit late than expected, Cashuies Clive from Harman, Bangalore has introduced students on the range of wireless mics by Harman and explained how it works.

During the presentation Clive has told that HARMAN has joined hands with Shure, a top rated brand with regard to microphones.

Explaining in detail regarding Radio Frequency (RF) and how it is working, he has provided with some out-of-syllabus tips on how to work with the same.

Demonstrating the working of Venu 360 (DSP), he explained how to operate the device using a software (desktop version).

In the post-lunch session he shared his experiences while conducting live events and provide tips on a sound engineer is supposed to behave during the show and what is being expected out a live sound engineering during the show.

During the end of first days session he has provided detailed information regarding the placement of speakers during a live show on getting quality output from them to the audience as well as to performing artists.

The first days session which ended at around 6.30 in the evening was helpful for students with information and products related with Live Sound Reinforcement.

Day 2

The second days session was dealing more with studio equipment, microphones and mastering.

The session was handled by Ashish Barje was primarily talking about Broadcast Products, LSR Loudspeakers, Recording microphones and especially with regard to AKG microphones, there by sharing details on the history of the product.

History of C414 studio microphone was quite interesting for the students especially those facts pertaining to the design transformation which has happened to the product since its launch.

Revealing the fact that AKG range of mics comprises of 15 different models and has got mics which suits each and every budget

Introducing JBL LSR, the presenter has taken time for a demo session of the equipment and explained how it is being operated.

Taking about the interesting peculiarities of the equipment, JBL LSR has got a special feature of multiple sweet spots and which no other devices of same stature currently have.

At the end of pre-lunch session the presenter has shared technical details about various amplifiers which are available with the HARMAN.

Post-Lunch session was handled by Kevin Stanly, who over-viewed and demonstrated the digital mixing console, SI Impact.

Later on, it was activity time for the students where in all the students has been divided in small groups. Each group has been given activities regarding cabling, cleaning, multi-track recording etc wherein students got hands on experience on the products which were introduced during the seminar.

Day 3

On the last day of the Harman Training, students has been introduced with salient features of VI 3000 mixing console and a demo session of the flagship model.

Merchandise from HARMAN containing multi-tool, USB fan and other promotional materials has been distributed among the students.

The 3 days session ended with huge excitement from students as they grasped technical know-how on various sophisticated equipment and has been introduced with world class range of products.

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