3 Batches, 3 Short films with 3 mins duration and screened at 3 PM

Is it possible to shoot 3 short-films in a single day with no prior planning?

Every year we are updating ourselves to new technologies, changing the course curriculum and discovering new paths for incorporating innovative practical sessions for students like setting up an audio recording studiocreating electronic gadgets etc

Last week a challenging task has been assigned to students to shoot a short film within the campus by giving more importance to sound aspects.

For the February 2016 batch, Who are about to start their practical oriented training in their second semester has completed the shooting, location sound recording, editing and final mixing in a single day.

Guided by our senior faculty K.S Ravi, has assigned the project to students one one fine morning without any prior notice.

Students got enthusiastic about the project and has been divided into 3 batches.

Students have scripted 3 story, shoot the film where students being the actors, they themselves handled the camera, recorded the sound using location recording techniques, edited the video and created the final output.

With the project the academy has envisioned that the students to practice boom operation for location sound recording, learning to record with consistent pitch and sound level of the artist and effectively record quality sound of the artist in a good ambience.

3 short films has been made on a single day, each having 3 minutes duration, by 3 batch of students and it was a mere coincidence that the film has been screened in the academy at 3o’clock in evening on the same day.

After the screening the project guide and senior faculty KS Ravi has told that the students had delivered maximum effort during the production and used their talents in creating the movie.

He expressed that 3 short-films which the students produced with limited time and resources has been exceptional with regard to its content and technical aspects.

Students, do expect to perform these type of innovative projects as part your 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording.

Looking forward for your thoughts as comments below.

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