17 easy tips from Audio Engineers to SOUND BETTER on SMULE?

Want to Sound Better on Smule Sing?

Every day millions of people are singing on the smule app and the app itself has turned out to be a pocket recording studio with new features being added regularly enticing more singers to join the world of Karaoke Singing.

One can find #smulers every here and there and they are looking for more options and searching on the internet to improve their #karoke singing.

Here are the tips from professional sound engineers which are quite easy ones that every smule singers and others who are using the similar kind of karaoke apps will find it useful.

These tips being discussed below are general ones and not associated with any particular mobile phones or any headphone brands.

1. First and foremost is to improve your singing before updating the setup.

2. Use headsets with microphones having stereo wiring inside the cord.

3. Switch the fan off while recording.

4. Use headphones of the same brand as of mobile phones. eg: if you are using iPhone then use headphones that come with iPhones.

5. Go with effects like Super Studio, Studio FX or Polish effects while singing in a room.

6. Sit or Stand, keep your legs in a comfortable position.

7. Warm up your voice with some easy songs not too high or too low before the actual song.

8. Don’t force your voice into high or deep to get a sore throat. Stop before that happen.

9. For hands-free singing use a cellphone table mount.

10. Try singing without headphones – if the non-headphone version is clearer, better buy new headphones

11. You could pre-record your song on voice recorder apps and publish it on SMULE later.

12. Avoid recording distorted sound by keeping you microphones a little farther will improve the quality of sound keep a distance like head-worn microphones used during live music performance. Hold it at a distance of 4 inches for natural & relaxed sound and for loud singing keep it 12 inches away.

13. Become a VIP member in smule there are many filters available for changing your voice.

14. Avoid recording a muffled sound when singing directly on to phone, hold the device in a way that does not cover the mic and be aware of the exact location of your mic on your phone.

15. If your phone is placed on a table and you are singing, make sure the surface of the table isn’t reflective. That’s because the smooth or hard surface will reflect your sound, causing unwanted audio issues such as heavy reverb and possibly distortion.

16. Sing at a natural, relaxed volume, which will help you sound your best and help you sing for longer periods of time.

17. Keep an eye on the notation bar or the pitch bar on the smule app screen while singing. It will help to adjust your pitch in accordance with the actual song. Many smulers who are sound engineers have pointed out that the pitch bar in the smule app has helped them in improving their song.

The official blog of Smule is getting updated with tips and information on how to improve your singing.

You can update yourself with information related to Smule singing in their Tuesday tips section named Smule inspire like branding yourself on social media as a smuler, singing powerfully without straining your voice, basic warm-up exercises, on setting up the camera for video and expanding vocal range etc

Hope you have found the above-mentioned tips useful for you.

Happy Smuling & Happy Sound Engineering.

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