14 Essential Tips for a Sucessful Music Career.

1. For your audience to take an interest in you, you need to first create good music, and second, portray yourself in a way that your audience can relate to.

2. It’s vital to channel your passion to find the right sound, genre, topics, image, and target audience for the music you create.

3. Choose musicians you know you can depend on, both on and off the stage. In other words, choose musicians who you can trust to show up to all rehearsals, recordings, and act professionally in a music environment.

4. Research the Music Industry, you should always be listening and watching the charts. From knowing current artists to knowing music-sharing trends, you’ve got to be current with the times!

5. Get yourself some eye-catching graphics that you can use across all your promotional materials, from your website and social media accounts to your posters, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse mats and more!

6. Decide on your goal for the next 12 months. Then Break down into small goals and tasks. Work on them.

7. Building a strong relationship with your fans is crucial to your success as an independent musician or as a music band. Use Social Media, your website and make personal level connections, you also need to make sure you appear on Spotify and Apple Music.

8. You should share your new music and ideas with people who will be honest with you, your music will benefit more from brutal honesty than shallow flattery.

9. The trends in the industry are always changing, so be sure to read books, blog articles, and ask your friends how they listen to music.

10. Experiment with New Sounds, fans love nothing more than a band that comes out with new material. They also love nothing more than hearing their favorite bands or musician come up with new sounds.

11. Be mentally stable and don’t promise anything in public until you have got it.

12. Be professional, control expenses and keep deadlines.

13. Nothing happens overnight, and that goes for making it in the music industry. You need to be prepared to stick with it for the long haul.

14. Play great at any condition, have a good ear, play tight & offer amazing live shows.

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