13AD, Prominent classic & hard rock band

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Introduction apart and let’s talk about the first band.

Today we are introducing 13ADprominent classic and hard rock band from Kochi, India

It must have been in the late 80s that the rock music aficionado of Kerala got a chance to taste some real live quality rock band.

Cochin based 13 AD, a quintet was setting a solid trend, performing at sold-out gigs across the major cities of Kerala and beyond.

The band had all the ingredients to satisfy the appetite of rock and metal hungry youth of the 90s.

Started mostly as a cover band, 13 AD later came out with a well packed original album that nearly encompassed all genres of music.

Released by Magnasound in 1990, their first album titled Ground Zero had well-crafted songs that belonged to the rock country rock and blues genre. The title track Ground Zero talked about war destruction, the belligerent nations and the worst of the outcomes.

It still is a decent hard rock number with great fretwork by Iloy, the magic fingers man. Glen’s soothing vocals made the tracks like Revelations, City Blues, Your Company, Desolate prisoner etc some of the best lounge songs- which even the then local circuit bands started to cover.

Ground Zero is undisputedly the first ever Malayali rock band album to reckon with, touching record sales. It indeed gave the band the recognition and acceptance that sort of catapulted the band to fame and fortune.

The band slowly started experimental moves by adding the brilliant vocal duo from Thrissur- Rose, and Serin to their second album Tough on the streets.

Though a much better-produced album, it didn’t take off well compared to Ground Zero. Yet, with two much-recognized albums in a span of three years, the band was already on the road to superstardom and their name was added to the premier A grade bands list of India.

Unfortunately, that was but the end of Glen era. As he moved on to different terrains, a very apt replacement came in the shape of George Peter, a magnanimous singer who took the band ahead with its gigs successfully.

Although no originals so to speak have been brought out ever since then, the band kept itself alive and kicking at concerts.

And as news go, much to the delight of eager fans, after a brief reunion in 2008, the band currently is hitting the studios to record a bilingual album.

And the most surprising factor is that the recording will be done at the studio of none other than A R Rahman.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed and wait to see what the stalwarts of Kerala Rock music are going to gift us with.

13AD current line up

George Peter – Vocals
Eloy Isaacs – Guitar
Pinson Correa – Drums
Paul K J – Bass
Jackson Aruja – Keyboards.

Long live rock n roll.

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