11 Tips to Safeguard your Sound Engineering Equipments during floods.

Heavy floods have devastated the normal life in Kerala and life of people in about 11 districts of the state is at a risk for the past 1 week.

Our academy which is located in Trivandrum and has received heavy rainfall recently but is in the safe zone with significantly less or no damage due to floods.

In other parts of the state, the uncontrolled surge of water during the South West Monsoon has got a catastrophic effect on all aspects of life including millions of rupees worth damage to electronic and electrical equipment than ever before, which are obviously among the most valuable items we own.

First of all, we would say that your own safety is more important than electronic equipment. Read the Red Cross Flood Safety page to see how you can stay safe.

Before listing the recommendations, we are grateful to SEA Faculties, KS Ravi (Department of Audiology) and Nivin Sam John (Live Sound Reinforcement) by enriching the content by sharing valuable information.

If you are a Sound Engineer / Live Sound Company / Studio Complex or a Music Producer you will be owning sensitive electronic equipments like mixers, speakers, microphones which can get damaged during the floods and today we are sharing some tips on how to minimize the water damage.

There’s no way to guarantee that your devices won’t be damaged, but you can significantly improve their chances to secure it by following these steps.

1. Shutoff the central Power.

2. Place electronic equipment in resealable plastic bags, put them in airtight containers, and relocate them to secure locations far away from water. (this requires a bit of pre-planning to gather enough plastic bags and secure containers of varying sizes to protect these kinds of valuables, but it is a process well worth the effort).

3. Keep in mind to put silica gels inside the plastic containers or bags in which you keep your equipment to control the moisture inside it.

4. Normally when we purchase a new equipment it comes covered with a plastic bag, we usually throw it away along with the carton. In emergency situations like floods, one will realize the value of those containers which can hold the equipment perfectly than any other boxes.

5. If a flood is already hit check whether any valuable electronic equipment is there in your car or truck, immediately grab them and keep it in a safer place. If water enters your car and remains there for a long time it can completely damage your audio / electronic equipment.

6. We understand that flooding often comes quickly and without warning but in a situation, if you are getting an early intimation about the flood, it will be a good idea to load all your Sound Engineering Equipments on a truck and relocate it to a safer place.

7. Data is very much important, backup all the data from your PC or Laptop. During floods, you won’t get enough time to take a backup but it is recommended to take regular backups on a regular basis so the data loss will be minimal.

8. Always keep the sound equipment properly arranged, microphones in one place or container, cables at another place and so on it will be easier to relocate the items during an emergency situation.

9. As you know, basically there are 2 types of microphones, condenser, and dynamic microphones. Dynamic microphones can be recovered a serviced with less effort but as the condenser microphones are having an electronic circuit, chances are less to get it fixed. Grab your condenser microphones first that the dynamic ones to relocate to a safer place.

10. Pass on the information about those water sensitive/valuable equipment among your staff or family members on how to safeguard it if you are located in a flood-prone area.

11. Check with the manufacturer of the equipment whether the warranty covers water damage if it is there then make sure to extend your warranty, which can be done at a nominal cost.

At the core, most devices are the same, as there’s always circuits at the core of it. That said, all electronic devices are susceptible to water damage. Nowadays most of the Sound Equipment Manufacturing companies are producing them as water resistant one but they can’t withstand a flood situation.

As there is a saying, “Prevention is better than Cure“, take necessary measures today itself to prevent any water damage by following the precautionary measures mentioned above as any place in this world now prone to be hit by floods.

Hope you have found the above-mentioned topic useful and do expect your valuable suggestions/recommendations on how to safeguard your sound engineering equipment during a flood situation as a comment below.

We hope that Kerala will recover from the flood situation at the earliest and life will be back to normal at the and our academy is extending our wholehearted support in all manners to the flood victims.

Happy Sound Engineering

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