10 little-known things about the best Sound Engineering School in India.

Are you skeptical to the fact that ‘ SEA is the best Sound Engineering School in India ‘.

Revealing some unique yet convincing facts that make us inimitable and prodigious.

We are proud to say that we have completed a Jupiter Cycle since our inception in 2004. During the 14 years, we have maintained our enthusiasm in teaching Audio Engineering to students which we had from day 1 itself.

Yes, it is our passion towards the service we offer helps us to continue the services in the years to come. Started with a single batch and as a 6 months course, we revamped our course to 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording with 2 batches of students concurrently attending the course in a year.

It is a fact that there are only a few schools in the world which offers exclusive audio engineering courses. Many institutes offer sound engineering as one of their course among other media courses. Our academy is dedicated to offering training in the field of Sound Engineering and Sound Engineering only.

Our faculties KS Ravi Kumar and many others have got decades of experience in the field of Sound Engineering / Audio Electronics. KS Ravi Kumar, the senior faculty of our institution is with the organization since our inception in 2004. It is an advantage for the students and a privilege for the institution to have an experienced yet enthusiastic person like KS Ravi Kumar him to be associated with the organization.

KS Ravi Kumar is a product of Film Institute of India and worked for more than 1000 real life sound engineering projects especially Bollywood films and documentaries during the 80’s and 90’s. He was also working with Doordarshan as a Recording Engineer for more than 30 years before joining our academy as a faculty.

A fleet of regular visiting faculties who are currently ranked as the top professionals in the industry, Namely  Mr. Tennyson, Mr. KT Francis, Mr. Rahul Samuel in Live Sound Department, Mr Thapas Nayak in Audio For Film, Mr. Jai Shankar Iyer in Music Production are a few among the panel members.

Students get hands-on experience in equipment what they are supposed to work in the real world. Recently we have added a 15th  mixing console to our inventory list.

There are 3 main projects based on Live Sound, Film Production & Music Recording for the students of 1 Year Diploma in Sound Engineering.

Students are doing their projects with real music bands/artists/professionals from the industry where they will be getting hands-on experience in how to hand a live music band show, how to record an artist in the studio and how to do the Audio Post for Film.

Every month there are sessions included in the academy by trainers who are experts in personality development, developing communication skills, soft skills/life skills development which help them to study well and be a better person in the life as well.

Those who are following our social media pages might be aware that we are regularly conducting sessions of various eminent personalities from music/film industry to take classes on our campus.

These type of sessions helps the students to learn more about the latest technological advancements in the field of Sound Engineering and also assists the students to gain those much-needed skills to find a career as well as sustain in the industry.

Students get real professional platform experience with our ultra-modern studio set up on the campus. Your classroom is a real Recording Studio. For a Sound Engineering & Sound Recording School, lab or practical classroom means a place or room equipped With recording, editing and mixing gears. In the SEA you study and work your projects in state of the art real Recording – Editing & Mixing Studios

Our courses are offered at the most affordable fee structure. With the number of facilities offered in the Academy, our fee is most reasonably priced in the industry. In reality, many other institutes in India wonder who Sound Engineering Academy can offer this well updated audio engineering curriculum at a much reasonable price than others. But the secret is that we are offering this course as a service to produce professional sound engineers who can work in any field related to audio engineering.

For the past 12 years, we are offering it as disciplined service and we strive hard to create an attitude among our students to be committed for their passion for sound engineering and dedicated to what they work on and whom they work for.

Yes, more than 1300 students have already trained by the academy. We are proud that 95% of all the students who have successfully completed the course are placed in various companies around the world. They uphold the fact that they are SEA Certified and recommends Sound Engineering Academy to those individuals who are looking forward to learning sound engineering. We are proud to disclose the fact “In every major city in India there is at least Five sound engineering professional who is SEA certified”. It is little-known fact that there were only 4 students in the first batch of Diploma in Sound Engineering when we started in 2004. With the passion & dedication in training, SEA is now the only Institution in India who contributes the most number of Audio Engineering Professionals to the Media & Entertainment industry. We look forward to building on our passion and are working harder & smarter to produce the best Audio Engineers In The World and through our Alums in near future we will be ranked as the Top Professional Audio Engineering Training Campus in the world. In this article, we have tried to provide answers to some of your questions why Sound Engineering Academy is ranked high among the best audio engineering institutes and if you have any further questions regarding our academy then you are always welcome to contact us via Call/Whatsapp +91 98957 45100 or by sending a mail to info@seaindia.in. Do also note that we are active on all social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. You can get in touch via that medium too.

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