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Our strength is each one of the students graduating every year from SEA India. First and foremost, one should realize that there are no shortcuts to success. Our goal is to train you as a successful audio expert and you can assure it from day one, once you join our venture. We are specialized in different audio engineering and diploma courses with an exclusive Audio engineering campus equipped to work with film, Television, Radio, Live studio, and all kinds of modern media.

We engraft a completely state-of-the-art way of learning technique unlike any other teaching institutes, we focus on their technical knowledge and live practical sessions other than learning from books. Our always-on learning plan drives their nonstop improvement through our expertized live session classes, live show performances, and last but not least by working in live studios.

Through these techniques, students will develop a strong theoretical base with a focus on high industry and aesthetic standards. We are equipped with an exclusively modern facilitated studio including new tactics for live recordings, editing, and mixing facilities.

Besides all these, we train them to work in actual live platforms by performing incessant live shows and in live studios where actual recordings are being performed in films and tv shows.

Our World-class facilities make SEA India unique among any other sound engineering institutes in India. We are pushing ahead with committed research and practice to create the best output for the Sound Industry. We deliver you quality training procedures that allow you to transform the way you look at the global competition in this industry. We are the only Audio engineering program in India where you can master Audio for films, Music production, broadcasting, and Live sound in a single platform. We offer you a great opening to join our venture, where you will get unlimited practical timing live sessions through our prior studio booking facilities by logging onto our website.

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