If you are aspiring to become a Studio Engineer, it is important to understand what actually a Studio Engineer does. A Studio Engineer is one who can comprehend the audile of music or the technical aspects of mic placement. Studio engineers don’t simply have a clue how the gear functions. They realize how to tackle issues and to get ready for the unforeseen. Simply they not only know the functions, but also know how to deal with the customers to sort out any issues and run recording meetings.

SEA will crafts you as an excellent Studio engineer, where you will be able to learn various methodologies to produce a mixed and aced sound through compact usage of music software equipment. Furthermore, we proffer you the opportunity to learn different work processes for recording, mixing, mic arrangement procedures, pitch and time rectifications, Sound amalgamation and examining and so on.

At last, figuring out how to be a studio engineer implies learning by doing. Nothing makes more perfect than practising in an actual studio by getting involved in it and learn things lively by seeing and experiencing it. We provide you all the facilities to be as an intern in our live studio.

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